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March 10, 2019

State Govt creates law for redevelopment of ‘thika’ tenancy land

State Govt creates law for redevelopment of ‘thika’ tenancy land

Giving further filip to urban development, the Bangla Government on March 7 approved plans for the construction of multi-storied buildings on leased or ‘thika’ land in Kolkata and Howrah. This was decided at the State Cabinet meeting.

The ‘thika’ system allows lease of vacant land by the landlord to a tenant with the liberty to erect temporary structures.

Till now, there was a ban on constructing buildings on such plots exceeding a height of 9.5 m. The new law lifts that ban and entitles the ‘thika’ tenants to construct buildings up to five storeys high, with each floor to measure around 385 square feet.

The law would be implemented by the State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department.

An important condition is that the tenant has to accommodate all the sub-tenants who lived on that land. However, engaging of developers by the ‘thika’ tenants to construct buildings is not permissible.

This removal of prohibition will benefit a large number of people living in various slums across the cities of Kolkata and Howrah.

The tenants can finance the building of the houses on their own or by taking loans, either through the government’s Banglar Bari Scheme or if they prefer, from banks.

The Cabinet meeting also proposed the setting up of a special committee to look into possible amendments in municipal laws necessary for promulgating the new regulations.


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