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March 5, 2019

Bangla Govt issues rules for combating noise pollution

Bangla Govt issues rules for combating noise pollution

To create a soothing environment for all, the State Government has issued a set a of rules control noise pollution.

Following are the rules and regulations:

Acquiring administrative permission to use loudspeakers and amplifiers mandatory

Using sound limiters with microphones compulsory

Using high-frequency amplifiers in open areas not desirable

100 metres in and around schools, courts and hospitals are ‘No Sound’ zones

Blowing horns, bursting firecrackers, using microphones and loudspeakers strictly prohibited in ‘No Sound’ zones

Sale and use of firecrackers producing noise of over 90 decibels (such as chocolate bomb, kali patka, dodoma, rocket bomb, etc) strictly prohibited

Using air horns must be avoided

Sale, use and stocking of air horns legally banned

Loudspeakers or any other high-pitched sound emission system while conducting any public programme strictly prohibited from 10 PM to 6 AM

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