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March 2, 2019

Water transport gets a fillip with 47 new vessels

Water transport gets a fillip with 47 new vessels

The State Transport Department recently launched three wooden vessels, four steel vessels and 40 mechanised boats under the Jaldhara Scheme. All the vessels and boats have been built following the standard operating procedure for passenger safety as notified under the scheme.

In certain places like the Sundarbans, Dulduli, Kalinagar and others, water transportation is a major mode of conveyance, and hence the steel and wooden vessels would be of big use. Each steel vessel has a carrying capacity of 200 and each wooden vessel, 100 people.

Country boats used in different parts of Bangla as ferries can be highly unsafe; accidents have occurred in the past. The mechanised boats will prevent such mishaps.

Recently a new digital ticketing system for vessels was introduced at three ghats in Kolkata – Howrah, Shipping and Fairlie – which see the largest daily footfall.

Source: Millennium Post