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March 20, 2019

This is a got-up match: Mamata Banerjee on Nirav Modi arrest

This is a got-up match: Mamata Banerjee on Nirav Modi arrest

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed the press at Nabanna. Commenting on the issue of Nirav Modi’s arrest, she said it was a got-up match.

Highlights of her speech:

  • We Bengalis have a soft corner for Rabindrasangeet, I am reminded of a song: “Tumi robe nirobe, hridaye mamo”
  • This is a trick by Modi Govt. This is a got-up match
  • Credit must go to the London Telegraph journalist who exposed Nirav Modi
  • The government had no clue where Nirav Modi was hiding. And a journalist had to expose where he was holed up
  • Parde ke peeche kya hain? (What is going on behind the scenes?)
  • The real chhupa rustam has run away
  • Like strikes at factories in the past, we are seeing new ‘strikes’ now. This Nirav Modi ‘strike’ is one of them. More such ‘strikes’ will happen during the polls
  • The expiry date of this government is over. Even medicines cannot fix the ailment now
  • The other man is also there (abroad). They are no longer Indian citizens.
  • Many rich people are being protected by law-enforcing agencies while labourers are suffering
  • BSNL employees are not getting their salaries. So, many PSUs are suffering
  • Air India is our pride. It is also under sale. They are disinvesting everything. One day entire country will be disinvested
  • They ruined the economy with demonetisation. Unemployment is at a 45-year high
  • More than 2 crore people have lost their jobs in one year.
  • Farmers are in distress and are committing suicide. Giving money during elections serves no purpose