Lok Sabha

December 22, 2015

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on the death threats he has been receiving

I have been receiving death threats in my mobile since last evening. I received the first SMS at 1.25 PM. Normally I do not go through the phone numbers. But I saved this message. It was mentioned that I will be killed in Delhi and my dead body would be taken to Kalighat where my Chief Minister resides; after that it said that you are a bastard son. It is in my mobile.

Again, another SMS came asking why I was silent in spite of the intimidation. And then he accused me, using very abusive wording, which I cannot mention here keeping in mind the prestige of the House. I tried to check it up before talking with the Chief Minister of West Bengal. She categorically sent a tweet and also held a press conference in Kolkata. But she also suggested me to place the matter on record on the floor of the House.

Sir, I sent a counter-SMS to that number, and found that he received it. After that, he sent me two SMSs again, one at 2.15 PM and another at 2.24 PM. The languages used for those two are equally dangerous. The languages for those are so ugly that television channels would blur those words out while airing.

You already know that almost one year back, when I was seriously ill and it was a life-and-death battle for me, there were thefts three times at my residence in Delhi. So for the reason of my security, I have shifted to an MS flat.

I do not know what will happen now. The last time the Home Minister took major steps, the Speaker took major steps, but these things are going on. I do not know who the person is, from where the SMSs are coming, but everything is there in my record. I request you to direct the Home Minister to send a representative or two to take it up.