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December 23, 2015

Abhishek Banerjee leads a historic padyatra in Diamond Harbour

Abhishek Banerjee leads a historic padyatra in Diamond Harbour

Trinamool Youth Congress President and MP Abhishek Banerjee participated in a Maha Michhil consisting thousands of people held from Kopathat to Station More in the Diamond Harbour constituency.  The padayatra was held to express solidarity against the vandalism and disturbance being attempted by the combined force of BJP and CPM in rural Bengal.

The firebrand TMYC leader said at the end of the meeting that Trinamool Congress has the ability to will all the 294 assembly seats in the forthcoming Assembly Election in 2016 in the basis of the developmental works done under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Mr Banerjee slammed the CPM saying that the Ministers in the Left era worked part-time and never bothered to mingle with common people. He said that Mamata Banerjee will remain a guard for the common people through thick and thin.

Talking about his constituency, Mr Banerjee said that the people of Diamond Harbour had the right to know what their elected representative had done for them and how the Rs 5 crore MPLAD has been spent. So a booklet has been published and has been sent at booth-levels for the information of all. He also announced a fund of Rs 1.5 crore for the restoration and reconstruction of the Diamond Harbour Zilla Hospital morgue.