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December 6, 2015

Trinamool Congress commemorates Sanhati Diwas

Trinamool Congress commemorates Sanhati Diwas

Like every year Trinamool Congress organised the Sanhati Diwas meet at the Mayo Road-Gandhi statue crossing. Trinamool Congress leader of the party in Lok Sabha Sudip Bandopadhyay, party Secretary General Partha Chatterjee and state Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim were among the party’s top leadership present at the meet besides leaders of various religious communities.

While the representative of the Muslim community said that only Mamata Banerjee works for people of all faiths, the representative of the Christian community laid stress on the need to inculcate value of loving one another as brothers and sisters. The representative of Sikh community stressed on the belief in one God, universal brotherhood while the Buddhist community representative remembered the tragic incident that happened 23 years ago with a heavy heart. The leader of Jain community gave a message of brotherhood at the rally. Firhad Hakim welcomed the leaders of various communities on behalf of Trinamool at the rally.

Trinamool Leader of the party in the Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandopadhyay in his speech said that, Trinamool Congress believes in unity of all religions. Representatives of all religions agree that Trinamool is most secular party in India. On 6 Dec, 1992 only one leader was on the streets of Kolkata, working for riot-affected people and that was Mamata Banerjee, he said. Babri Masjid demolition was a sign of intolerance. There is no place for communalism in India. Communists did not participate in freedom struggle. How will they know the meaning of Constitution and democracy. Those who want to destabilize Bengal, with saffron or red flags in hand, we will democratically teach them a lesson, he said.

Partha Chatterjee, in his speech said that everyone in the whole world knows Mamata Banerjee is the most secular leader. If you truly believe in your religion, you will always respect people following other faiths, he said. We may belong to any religion, our identity is that we are all Indians, he said.

Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee works for people of all faiths, caste and creed, said Firhad Hakim. Secularism is the foundation on which India is built. It was shaken on 6 December, 1992, he said