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December 16, 2015

WB CM threatens to renew stir against Centre for funds

WB CM threatens to renew stir against Centre for funds

West Bengal Chief Minister on Tuesday threatened to launch a post-poll drive against the Centre if funds for Bengal are not released. She said, “After elections, I’ll make a drive against Centre. I’m not disclosing it right now.“

With children in her audience, Mamata Banerjee chose a simple analogy . “If the major portion of your father’s income is taken away by someone else, can he maintain your family or do any good for you?“ The answer was a vociferous “no“.

She said, “We are carrying out the burden of previous government’s loan. I had urged the UPA government then to the present government now.But none did anything. Instead the amount is only increasing. In 2011-12 they (Centre) had taken away Rs 21000 crore while in 2015-16 they will take Rs 30000 crore. They never bothered to ask how I can run the state.”

WB CM added, “We have increased our income to Rs 40000 crore. With this we could have employed at least 20 lakh. But with such a huge amount going to loan repayment, we can do nothing.”

She criticized the Centre on the issue of intolerance as well. “Not only religious intolerance, but we are also facing the political intolerance today. Those belonging to opposition political parties are facing the wrath of the rulers.”

The Chief Minister was in Malda to lay foundation of 43 projects and inaugurate 33 projects.