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December 2, 2015

Trinamool demands flood relief from Centre in Parliament

Trinamool demands flood relief from Centre in Parliament

During a discussion regarding flood situation in the country, leader of the party in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay today demanded that the Centre release funds for flood relief in Bengal.

“Despite huge financial crisis, West Bengal Government has already spent Rs 1000 crore for flood relief. Centre must deal with flood and drought in Bengal in equal priority as flood in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

“The new government in Bengal has a huge burden of debt on its shoulders. Some positive steps must be taken by Central Government to help Bengal,” he added.

The Kolkata North MP said that since the Centre does not release funds on time, it becomes difficult for the State to manage. “When we asked for Rs 6000 crore how did SDRF sanction only Rs 387 crore. What is the system of assessment?” he demanded to know.

People from low income groups become poorer at time of flood and government must take care of their food and living, Sudip Bandyopadhyay suggested.


Derek’s suggestions for disaster management in RS

In the Rajya Sabha, during a similar discussion, leader of the party Derek O’Brien put forth few suggestions for better disaster relief in future.

Derek suggested that the reporting process of NDRF must be simplified and budgetary allocations of NDRF increased.

“NDRF operates out of only 4000 sq ft office space. CAG report says NDMA is ill-prepared to handle a disaster,” Derek said.

He also maintained that while he has no problem with Tamil Nadu getting its share of funds for flood relief, the concerns of West Bengal must also be taken into account.

Citing the letter written by WB CM to the Prime Minister in August, Derek said, “Please do not penalise the states which have taken preemptive measures to reduce loss of lives.”

“There are very few states which are both prone to drought as well as cyclone. Bengal is one of those. I hope govt will surely look into the issue of Bengal, like they are doing in Chennai,” the MP added.


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