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December 15, 2015

WB CM launches Sabuj Sathi project in Malda district

WB CM launches Sabuj Sathi project in Malda district

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated 32 projects and laid the foundation stone of 42 more in Malda. She also launched the ‘Sabuj Sathi’ project in the district during a public meeting.

The estimated cost of the projects is over Rs 460 crore. The CM attended a government programme at Gajol College ground around 35 km away from Malda town.

WB CM distributed different agriculture equipment, hens and ducks to the beneficiaries. Besides this, many people received financial assistance under different schemes. Students got bicycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme. Over 1 lakh students of Malda are scheduled to get the bicycles from the state government.

The Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of the rural electrification project- where the state government is spending over Rs 261 crore to ensure rural electrification in every household. She would also lay the foundation stone of Sujapur Polytechnic College, an ITI college at Harishchandrapur, three fresh drinking water supply projects at Chanchol-Harishchandrapur and some other projects.

The CM inaugurated three farmers’ market at Bamongola, Old Malda and Kaliachak, four water supply projects at Chanchol and Gajol, the new Kalabhawan building of the Gour Banga University, new library of the Gour Banga University besides some other projects.


Highlights of her speech:

  • I had raised the issue of bad condition of national highways in the State when I visited Delhi.
  • One lakh students in the district will get cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme.
  • We have allocated Rs 20 crore for development of infrastructure in Gour Banga University.
  • We have inaugurated a slew of projects here today that will benefit the people of north Bengal.
  • Several new primary, high and higher secondary schools have come up in Malda in the last 4 years.
  • Multi super speciality hospital, 17 SNSUs have come up in Malda district.
  • We have set up 3 fair price medicine shops and one fair price diagnostic centre in Malda district.
  • Health care is now available for free in Bengal. Beds and medicines at govt hospitals is now free.
  • 69 lakh farmers have received Kisan Credit Cards. Krishak Bazaars and Kisan Mandis are being set up across the state.
  • 93% of the beneficiaries in Malda have received pattas under Nija Griha Nija Bhoomi scheme.
  • 84 lakh minority students have received scholarships. 14 lakh SC/ST students got Shikshashree grant.
  • 27 lakh girls have been registered under Kanyashree scheme. 40 lakh students will get cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme.
  • The youth and students are the future of the country. They will win over the world one day.
  • We have introduced reservation for minorities and OBCs without touching general category. We created infrastructure for Rs 1000 Cr.
  • We have started several Anganwadi centres today. We are setting up Karma Tirtha marketing hubs for generating employment.
  • 100% villages in Malda have been electrified under ‘Sobar Ghore Aalo’ scheme. Gone are the days of load-shedding.
  • Bengal is now self-sufficient in power. We are developing power bank. We will export power to other states in future.
  • We have introduced five new bus routes for the district.
  • Malda’s mangoes are famous all over the world. We will keep promoting them.
  • Percentage of child deaths during delivery has come down from 85 to 65 in the last four years.
  • There was no infrastructure for providing health care to children and infants. We have set up SNCUs and SNSUs.
  • We have set up Mother and Child Hubs across the state.
  • We have increased number of beds at govt hospitals by 25000 in the last four years. 10000 new doctors and nurses were recruited.
  • Number of medical seats in Bengal till 2011 was 1400. In the last 4 years it increased to 2900. 9 new medical colleges are coming up.
  • Only 31 new colleges were set up in Bengal till 2011. We have set up 45 new colleges, 200 ITI/polytechnic colleges in four years.
  • We will set up Kishan Bazaars in every block.
  • A new ‘Shilpa Tirtha’ is being set up in Malda for small and medium enterprises.
  • Artisans who work on gold are very talented. We must prevent them from going out of the State.
  • We are reviving the handloom sector. We have urged the Centre to ensure the survival of jute sector.
  • Centre has to ensure that jute is made mandatory for packaging. They must take initiative to save jute industry.
  • We started Biswa Bangla stores to promote the handicrafts and local products of the State.
  • We are registering folk artists under Lok Prosar Prokolpo. They will get monthly stipend and perform at govt functions.
  • 3.2 Cr people out of 9 Cr people in Bengal receive rice at Rs 2/kg. From 27 Jan, additional 3 Cr people will get rice at Rs 3/kg.
  • The CPM incurred huge debt in the 34 years of its rule. Now we have increased our revenue but Centre is taking away our money.
  • We are paying for the sins of the CPM. They imposed debt burden on the youth. Neither Cong nor BJP helped us.
  • We increased revenue from Rs 21000 Cr to Rs 40000 Cr. But Centre is taking away major share of the revenue.
  • I challenge the Centre. Let them stop taking our taxes. We do not need their funds. We are asking for our right.
  • We will not allow Bengal to be sold off due to debt burden. We will intensify our protests if necessary.
  • If Centre did not take away our money, we could have given jobs to lakhs of people.
  • Growth in assets in Bengal in the last four years has been 600%.
  • Today they have sent the CBI to raid the office of Delhi CM. I am shocked. Why are they doing this?
  • The soil of Bengal belongs to the legacy of Rabindranath, Nazrul, Dwijendralal Roy. We believe in unity not hatred.
  • We are not like some parties which love to use religion for petty politics. I believe Saare Jahaan Se Achha, Hindustan Humara.