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December 5, 2015

E-Governance: WB Govt to introduce ‘zero visitors’ system

E-Governance: WB Govt to  introduce ‘zero visitors’ system

In an initiative to develop smart governance, the state urban development department is planning to introduce `zero visitors’ system in which all civic services will be provided online or through mobile applications.

Urban development department officials held a meeting recently with representatives of WEBEL to discuss on how to go about it.

Topics like m-governance (mobile governance) solutions, online applications, self-correcting modules to prevent any incomplete application, generating unique application number and sending SMS alerts were discussed at length in the meeting.

Once in place, the new system will spare citizens the pain of doing the rounds of municipal offices. Not only will it enable a taxpayer apply for a number of services, they will also be able track the progress online and lodge a complaint. Instructions have already been given to officials to shortlist requirements of tax-payers. The concept was discussed by state urban development secretary a few days back at the Administrative Training Institute (ATI) with IAS officers from 11 states. The necessity of visiting government offices should be reduced as much as possible using m-governance and that this should be developed as a policy goal.