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December 16, 2015

WB CM launches Sabuj Sathi scheme in Murshidabad district

WB CM launches Sabuj Sathi scheme in Murshidabad district

West Bengal Chief Minister today launched the Sabuj Sathi scheme for Murshidabad district at a government programme held at Dhamua Sports Complex in Sagardighi. She also inaugurated the 500 MW third unit of the Sagardighi Power Project.

The Chief Minister inaugurated a bouquet of developmental projects for the district ranging from two super specialty hospitals at Jangipur and Sagardighi blocks, a number of health centres, government buildings, youth hostels, water supply projects to model schools and Karma Tirthas.

A number of projects like new roads, Government and school buildings, arsenic-free water supply projects were initiated by the Chief Minister by laying foundation stones. Besides, cycles of Sabuj Sathi, the Chief Minister will distribute benefits and grants including Kanyashree, Sikshashree and Kisan Credit Cards.

Highlights of her speech:

Today we have inaugurated the 3rd phase of thermal power plant at Sagardighi which has capacity of 500 MW

Fourth phase of Sagardighi power plant with 500 MW capacity will also happen soon in future

We make promises which we can fulfill. We have inaugurated two multi super speciality hospitals in Murshidabad district today

We are also inaugurating a mother and child hub in Murshidabad district. Gone are the days of load-shedding.

Bengal has become self-sufficient in power. We are developing a power bank.

Lakhs and lakhs of students in Murshidabad district will get cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme.

Students and youths are our future. They will make us proud before the whole world.

We have made healthcare free in Bengal. Beds and medicines are free at govt hospitals.

We have unleashed a surge of development across the State. 41 new multi super speciality hospitals coming up across Bengal.

There were 6 SNCUs in Bengal till 2011. We set up 50 new units in four years.

100% schools are covered under mid-day meal scheme in this district.

We have created 25000 new beds at hospitals in the last four years.

We have set up fair price medicine shops and diagnostic centres that offer discounts up to 70% on medicines.

Procedures like dialysis can be performed at minimal cost at fair price diagnostic centres.

We are setting up 22 Kisan Mandis in Murshidabad district. Has so much work happened in this district before?

30 lakh people have received land pattas in the last four years.

We had a target of creating 50000 ponds under Jal Dharo Jal Bharo scheme. We have already created 1.3 lakh ponds.

In Swachh Bharat scheme, 3 out of top 4 districts are from Bengal.

3.2 crore out of 9 crore people in Bengal receive rice at Rs 2/kg. From 27 Jan, additional 3 crore people will get rice at Rs 3/kg

84 lakh students from minority communities & 14 lakh SC/ST students have received scholarships in the last 4 years.

30 lakh girls are registered under Kanyashree scheme. 40 lakh students will get cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme.

500 Karma Tirthas are coming up across the State. Unemployed youths will get shops there.

Tourism is flourishing in the State. A lot of tourists are visiting Murshidabad district. We are very happy.

We want to reach people’s hearts with our developmental work.

We follow the path shown by Rabindranath, Nazrul, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna. For us there is no difference in Maa, Mother, Ammi.

The Left Front incurred huge debt and now we are paying for their sins.

We increased our revenues from Rs 20000 Cr to Rs 41000 Cr. But Centre is taking away major share of our revenue.

Our earning is Rs 40000 Cr and Centre is taking away Rs 30000 Cr. How will we continue with our developmental work?

There can be no politics over development. I challenge the Opposition to counter me on development plank.

There are a lot of talented gold zari workers in Murshidabad. We have to promote their talent. We cannot let them go to other states.

Tyag ka naam hai Hindu, Imaan ka naam hai Musalman. Pyaar ka naam hai Isaai, Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Our motto is to work for people of all faiths. We do not discriminate among people. We will not allow divisive forces in Bengal.

We will not allow Bengal to be insulted. We will fight for our rights.