Lok Sabha

December 3, 2015

Sudip Bandyopadhyay slams the Centre over funds for flood/drought relief in Bengal

Full Transcript

I had mentioned yesterday that West Bengal is affected both by floods and drought. Accordingly, Venkaiah Naidu ji intimated me that Rs 387 crore has been released from SDRF. The state’s demand was Rs 6,000 crore due to the flood and Rs 4,000 crore due to drought.

I wanted to know categorically that what is the system of allotment of money, the central team goes and comes back, but the amount that is decided is not fixed in consultation with the Chief Ministers of the states or their representatives, it is suo motu. They take the decision absolutely on their own.

Madam, in Planning Commission it was the system that the compensation amount was decided in the presence of the Chief Minister and the finance minister. But this is one-sided, unilateral decision. So, we strongly protest against this decision and we feel that it is difficult for those in West Bengal to survive and as a mark of protest, we are walking out against the government’s stand.

What I am saying is that the eastern zone is economically deprived. West Bengal particularly is most exploited and deprived. The eastern states are the worst sufferers of regional imbalances and the situation still persists.

My humble submission is take some special care of the eastern region which includes Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand. I think they should be given some priority. The eastern region should be allowed to be free as they are the worst sufferers of regional imbalances.