Lok Sabha

December 2, 2019

Saugata Roy speaks on incidents of crimes against women

Saugata Roy speaks on incidents of crimes against women


Sir, thank you very much for allowing us to mention the dastardly and serious crime that took place in Shamshabad near Hyderabad, on the night of Wednesday, November 27, where a 26-year old veterinary doctor was abducted, gang raped, then alcohol poured in her mouth. Then she was burned and taken to a place 27 km away by a truck driver, where her body was discovered after a full one day. The parents and the family of the girl had to rush from police stations to police stations to find the whereabouts of this young girl.

Sir, this brings to my mind the discussion we had in this House on the Nirbhaya rape incident, wherein the House decided to enact the strictest laws against rape, after Justice JS Verma-led committee submitted its report. Sir, this highlights the fact that rapes are still happening in this country. The local administration is callous, the Telangana Home Minister made an insensitive statement and there is an outpouring of anger by local residents at the police station.

Sir, the House should take cognizance of this serious incident and the tremendous anger that is boiling within the minds of all sensible citizens of India and I urge upon the Central Government to immediately bring forward a law to make rape an offence punishable by only death sentence which is the only fit punishment for such heinous and dastardly act.