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December 26, 2019

Kolkata Police launches revamped ‘Bondhu’ app

Kolkata Police launches revamped ‘Bondhu’ app

Kolkata Police on Thursday, December 19 launched a revamped version of its ‘Bondhu’ mobile phone app, which has a host of citizen-centric-services. The main new feature is a panic button, which is meant to help people, especially women, to alert the police in case of any danger.

The panic button is bright red in colour and located right in the centre of the app’s home screen. These aspects will help people to identify it easily when needed to be accessed quickly.

Through this app, a person who is in distress will be able to send an alert to two persons, who would need to be previously added to the app, and also the police . Police and the two persons will be able to locate the person through GPRS.

Bondhu, launched in 2017, is a citizen utility app which was designed to file diaries as well as pay traffic fines among other functions.

Download the app by clicking here