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December 29, 2019

600 more buses for Gangasagar Mela

600 more buses for Gangasagar Mela

The State Government will be running around 600 more buses than last year for the Gangasagar Mela. The number of buses run last time was 1,610. The West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) will also run 18 vessels, up from 16 last year. All the buses and vessels will be fitted with GPS so that they can be tracked.

Lakhs of people from across India visit Sagar Island take a holy dip at the place where the water of the Ganga merges with the sea.

The special bus services will be run from January 11 to 17. The WBTC will run 1,300 buses on the days of the fair. South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) will run 900 buses. Therefore, the two together will run 2,200 buses.

The highest number of buses will be run on January 14 and 15, the days of the holy bath – 502 and 531, respectively. The buses will start from Dharmatala, Babughat and Howrah.

The Transport Department will also appoint 80 Jalasathis – trained personnel stationed at jetties – specially for Gangasagar Mela. They will be provided with special jackets, fog lights and whistles. Forty motor vehicles inspectors (technical) will be stationed at various places in and around the fair.

The State Government will also open special control rooms in Kolkata, Diamond Harbour, Alipore and a few other places.

Source: Bartaman