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December 18, 2019

Home Minister must douse fires, not incite them: Mamata Banerjee

Home Minister must douse fires, not incite them: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee led a mega protest march was held from Howrah to Kolkata today against the unconstitutional Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The rally began at 1 PM from Howrah Maidan. It passed through the Howrah Bridge, crisscrossed across central Kolkata and finally ended near Dorina Crossing, Esplanade.

Speaking on the occasion, Didi said that NRC and CAB will not be implemented in Bangla. She also appealed to everyone to desist from violence during protests.

This was her third rally in three days. Didi will be addressing a public meeting tomorrow (19.12.2019) at Rani Rashmoni Avenue and at Park Circus on Friday (20.12.2019).

Highlights of her speech:

I thank you all for supporting this protest. This mass movement was the need of the hour.

We do not want violence. One peaceful rally is much more powerful than a thousand bullets. We will fight democratically.

I want to tell the Hon’ble Home Minister, it is your duty to douse fires, not incite them.

Cat is out of the bag. I want to know from the Home Minister, if Aadhaar card is not a proof of citizenship, why did the Government spend Rs 6,000 crore on it? Why is it being linked to phones, banks, PAN, passport?

Voter card, Aadhaar, PAN are not proofs of citizenship. Then will the ‘maduli’ (amulet) of BJP be acceptable?

The country has been destabilised; peace has been destroyed since the BJP came to power.

They are accusing us that railway stations were burnt down in Bangla. Stray incidents happened in rural areas. We arrested the perpetrators. But they are saying shoot protestors at sight. Is this acceptable in democracy?

You (Amit Shah) are Home Minister of the country not only a BJP leader, please maintain peace in the country. You have not done ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ but ‘sabka sarvanash’.

You must withdraw NRC and CAB. This is an unethical, unconstitutional law. You just took the advantage of your brute majority in Parliament.

‘No NRC No CAB’ should become a mass movement, involving people from all religion, caste and communities.

What Bangla thinks today, Nation thinks tomorrow. All revolutions in the country started from Bangla.

They are circulating a fake video of mine. We fought against rigging and unfair means used in elections when the Left was in power. They killed 13 youth workers in 1993. I was fighting for that in Parliament.

If you try to stop us, we will find the way out. I am not afraid of death.