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December 5, 2019

People are scared of Centre’s policies: Mamata Banerjee

People are scared of Centre’s policies: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present at the inauguration of INFCOM, 2019 earlier today. She slammed the anti-people policies of the Centre in her speech. At the same time, she highlighted the trajectory of growth that Bangla is on for the last eight years.

Highlights of her speech:

IT sector is very important. Internet is the key of modernisation for the young generation. This is the era of data science.

People are scared of centre’s policy for banks. No one knows what will happen to them. Even the future of LIC is uncertain.

People save money for the future of their children in banks and LIC. But they don’t know whether the money is safe or not.

Industries are going through a tough time. Unemployment is increasing. Even MSME sector is facing problems. Industrialists have left the country.

The main problem is price hike. Onion is selling at Rs 120 per kg. They do not have any issue with that.

We do not believe in discrimination. We work for unity, peace and harmony. This is our India. There is no need of dividing people on religious lines.

They had looted public money in the name if demonetisation. They send CBI, ED and other agencies if you open your mouth in protest. Rahul Bajaj had the guts to protest.

They are interfering in the business of industrialists. Economy is collapsing for these policies of the Centre. They are trying to run a parallel administration in Maharashtra, Bangla and other States.

I think Bangla is doing a good job in this grave situation. When unemployment is rising all over the country, it has decreased by 40 per cent in Bangla.

We are in No. 1 in MSME. There are more than 90 lakh MSME units in Bangla. 36 lakh people are associated with these units.

People from other States are investing in the leather industry in Bangla. We are on No. 1 in skill development. There are nearly 300 ITI and polytechnic colleges in Bangla.

We have allotted 2,000 acres land for IT sector at Rajarhat, apart from the 100 acres of land for Silicon Hub.

We have our own land banks. We have policies for MSME, tourism and other sectors.

The central government is trying to sell off the Indian Railways, BSNL, Air India. Banks have been merged. I am scared of the future of insurance sector.

I am requesting INFOCOM to invest in Bangla to encourage the young generation.