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December 12, 2019

Coming soon: An app for making green corridors in Kolkata

Coming soon: An app for making green corridors in Kolkata

Soon, a green corridor will be developed in Kolkata for ambulances. The transport department, Kolkata Police, health department and State Pollution Control Board have jointly taken the initiative. Nabanna has given a green signal to the initiative. In the past we have seen the Kolkata Police have rushed a number of patients to hospitals quickly by setting up green corridors.

Under the directives of the Chief Minister, the route of the green corridor has already been outlined. It will be operationalised in the new year. A new app has also been designed for the same. In the first phase, several government hospitals will be selected on an experimental basis. Then it will be extended across the State. This will greatly reduce the risk of loss of life and anxiety of the patient’s family.

From picking up the patient from their home to reaching the hospital, the entire process will be monitored by the app. It will be installed in the phone of the driver of the ambulance, as well as at the police control room. Police will create a green corridor for the ambulance. The movement of other vehicles on that road will also be controlled. As a result, ambulances will not have to play the hooter on the road or even at the hospital.