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December 9, 2019

First give Roti- Kapra- Makan: Mamata Banerjee on CAB and NRC

First give Roti- Kapra- Makan: Mamata Banerjee on CAB and NRC

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the Centre’s decision to implement CAB in the country. Speaking at Kharagpur, he urged the Centre not to divide the country.

Here are the experts of her speech today:

We will not allow anyone to depot any person from the country. No NRC. No division. No divide n rule. Nothing is bigger than the country. People can have big political slogans. CAB and NRC are the two sides of the same coin. We all are citizens. We all vote. We all have ration card, school certificates.

Some people have employment card or land patta. Then where this question of citizenship comes from? If there is a question of giving citizenship then you can give dim citizenship or green card. You are sending them out of the country for long 5 years. We are staying here for last 70-100 years. Just after independence.

Who are you today to determine who will get it who will not? What to eat? Where to go? What to do? What is this? You have seen in Assam they have removed 19 lakh hindu Bengall’s name from the list in the name of NRC. 1 lakh Bihari even were there. Even they removed Gorkhas, who have fought for the country most. First give ‘Roti Kapra Makan’. Don’t divide people. Don’t divide country.

Bengal is a place of Binay Badal Dinesh, Matangini Hazra and Kshudiram. This is a place of civilization and culture. Do not be scared of NRC or CAB. We are with you. We won’t allow anyone to do that. Register your name in population census if they come. 

We are going through a tough situation. We have so many Telegu brothers and sisters here with us. I wish your good health and peace in work. Bengal is your own place. We are with you. We are a family. We will work together. We all are same. We all have one mother Bharat Mata. “Saare Jahanse Achcha Hindustan Hamara”. I not only thank you but invite you to form a team to protest against this.