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December 5, 2019

Bangla to set up ‘design Bank’ to revive silk

Bangla to set up ‘design Bank’ to revive silk

The Bangla Government has decided to revive the silk sarees produced in the State. As per the instructions of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the government is setting up a ‘design bank’ for the same. This will be done with the help of students of art colleges in Bangla, and other artistes. They will also be remunerated by the Government.

Bengal silk was once famous worldwide. Under the patronage of the nawabs of Murshidabad, Bengal silk products reached Europe and were later exported by the British merchants. The quality of Murshidabad silk is high and the designs exclusive. However, with time, the Murshidabad silk lost its glory, along with Bishnupuri silk.

Hence, the Bangla Chief Minister is trying to revive the lost heritage. In order to popularise the Bengal silk products, she has advised the weavers to bring about variations in designs, to make them more modern. The weight of the sarees will also be reduced.