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December 13, 2019

Won’t implement CAB-NRC: Mamata Banerjee

Won’t implement CAB-NRC: Mamata Banerjee

In a no-holds-barred attack on the BJP, Mamata Banerjee today slammed the ruling party at Centre for practising divisive politics. She maintained that Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and NRC will not be implemented in Bangla.

She also announced a series of protests against CAB. A rally will be held on Monday (December 16) from the statue of Dr Ambedkar till Jorasanko thaurbari via Gandhi statue (on Mayo Road). The rally will begin at 1 PM and Didi will herself take part in it.

On Tuesday (December 17) another rally will be organised from Jadavpur 8B bus stand till the statue of Mahatma Gandhi on Mayo Road. On Sunday (December 15) protests will be held by district organisations across the State

Highlights of her speech:

It is the State Government who implements a law. By passing Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Parliament and turning it into law, Centre can’t force us to abide by it

Do not play with the sentiments of the States. Assam is burning. People should protest. We are not scared of going to jail

Hon’ble Prime Minister of Japan is thinking of cancelling his visit to India. It is a matter of shame for the country

We respect Sheikh Hasina Ji. She is not communal. But even they are now afraid of coming to India

We will organise protests against CAB using constitutional means. We have always supported the helpless and the poor

BJP is like a washing machine. If a person joins BJP all their crimes are washed away

We congratulate all the parties who are with us in this battle

We won’t allow CAB or NRC to divide the country. I will not take any communal path. All are welcome to join us in the protests

Trinamool has a consistent stand against CAB and NRC. We will never allow NRC and CAB to be implemented in Bangla

Instead of providing basic necessities to people – roti, kapda, makaan – they are trying to divide the nation on religious lines

They are using their brute majority. This is not right. We support our brothers and sisters in the north-eastern States. We will organise peaceful protests

They are asking for 70-year old documents from the people. They should first ask Biplab Deb to show his documents. India has had so many prime ministers. No one divided the country.