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December 9, 2019

Bangla has lowest NPA in India

Bangla has lowest NPA in India

Bangla has the lowest NPA (non-performing assets) in the country in the Self Help Group (SHG) portfolio, which is less than 2 per cent. The State Rural Livelihoods Mission is promoting many poverty eradication initiatives under Anandadhara project in the rural areas through various women empowerment schemes and the SHGs form the basic unit for this economic mobilisation.

The schemes under Anandadhara projects are primarily aimed at community managed sustainable agricultural initiatives with active participation of the local Panchayats. The State has over 5,000 women ‘Prani Mitras’ to support social development projects through livelihood missions. The State also has around 8 lakh SHGs with capacity building being a prime objective of the Rural Livelihoods Mission.

Bangla Government, till now, has trained over 3,000 women as Community Service Provider-Bank Linkage (CSP-BL) to assist rural women entrepreneurs with compliance for institutionalised finance.