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December 6, 2019

Cannot take law into your own hands: Mamata Banerjee

Cannot take law into your own hands: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a strong message regarding the safety of women. She was speaking at the annual Sanhati Dibas rally at Mayo Road. She made it clear that safety of women will not be compromised with.

She also iterated that no one can take law into their own hands. Didi said, “Law should take its course. Police, administration and judiciary will carry out their duties.”

She instructed the police to file chargesheet in cases of crimes against women within 10 days. She raised question about the incident in Unnao where a rape victim was burned by miscreants.

The CM gave a strong message that the State administration will take strict action in case of complaints of police inaction in such cases. “Treat this as an emergency. We will take action against those who don’t.”

She said, “Some incidents happen, which we do not support. Laws have to be strengthened. After coming to power, we filed the chargesheet in Dinajpur case within 10 days.”

“We do not tolerate any crimes against women. The incidents at Hyderabad and Unnao have shaken me. Everyone knew about the Unnao case, yet attempts were made to burn the victim.”

She also attacked the centre on the sagging economy, unemployment and rising prices of commodities in her speech.