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December 21, 2019

Centre’s social expenditure coming down: Dr Amit Mitra

Centre’s social expenditure coming down: Dr Amit Mitra

During a press briefing after a pre-Budget meeting between the finance ministers of States and the Union Finance Ministry, Bangla’s Finance Minister Dr Amit Mitra strongly criticised the Centre for its gradual reduction of social expenditure. It is coming down phenomenally, he said, and which is very important to consider while planning the Union Budget.

Even something as crucial as the Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF), extremely essential for the social development of many regions in the country, has been cut off, according to Dr Mitra.

He said he himself and finance ministers from several States pointed out that these declines in funding are punishing the common people.

Similarly punishing is the fact that the Rs 7,300 crore due to Bangla in lieu of compensation for the destruction wrought by Cyclone Bulbul remains unpaid.

Therefore, the issue is not just about GST dues, but budgetary resources not getting paid.