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December 23, 2019

Special app for Gangasagar Mela

Special app for Gangasagar Mela

Pilgrims will be able to experience a ‘virtual tour’ of Kapilmuni’s temple from their homes, or even while waiting in the queue at different buffer zones on the way to Gangasagar Mela. This is the first time that nearly 100 LED screens are being installed at different buffer zones, and wherever long queues are expected. 

An app is also being launched, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The name of the app is ‘E-Darshan’. Anyone can order a packet of Gangajal via the E-Darshan app; it will be delivered to the address provided. The events at the fair will be live-streamed via this app too. The app also comes with information on means of transport to and from the venue of the fair in five different languages. It will also contain tide timings.

A separate app, similar to Pathadisha, is also being launched to help pilgrims go to Gangasagar from Babughat. This app will provide information about their location, which police station they are currently under, phone number of the police station, and modes of transport available for them to reach Sagar Island.

This year, there will be 25 WiFi zones at the venue to ensure that there is no problem in connecting to the internet at the remote islands.

Courtesy: Bartaman