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December 19, 2019

Join the protests irrespective of affiliations: Didi urges people

Join the protests irrespective of affiliations: Didi urges people

Mamata Banerjee addressed a huge public meeting today at Rani Rashmoni Road in Kolkata. This was the fourth day of her streets protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Today’s meeting began with Didi leading the sloganeering “Amra Kara? Nagorik” (Who are we? Citizens) accompanied by kashor. She asked all sections of the society to turn these protests into a mass movement.

Highlights of her speech:

We are all citizens. We have to spread this message. We don’t live in this country at anyone’s mercy. 

The protests will not stop. The movement will continue.

Suddenly after 73 years of independence we have to prove that we are Indian citizens. Where was BJP’s head and tail at that time, BJP is dividing the country. 

Don’t stop your protest because we have to get CAA revoked. NRC will not be allowed.

The movement will continue. People from all sections of society will have to take it forward.

No party should think that they can do anything they want just because they are in power.

Those who came to India from Bangladesh till March 24, 1971, are citizens of this country as per international pacts

There are many leaders who are more than 50 years old. Can they provide their birth certificates?

A party which was formed only in the 1980s is asking for proof of citizenship from those who were born in 1950s, 60s, 70s.

This government made us link everything from bank accounts to mobile phones to Aadhaar. And now they are saying Aadhaar is not a valid proof (of citizenship). If it is not, why force it on people?

This is not a Hindu-Muslim issue. This is a movement for the country. This is a struggle for restoring democracy.

Few days ago, they were saying protestors can be identified from their attire. Today I am wearing a shawl. Can you tell is this a Hindu shawl or a Muslim shawl?

I have come to know that the BJP has bought caps. They will make people wear those and indulge in violence to defame one community. Do not allow them to succeed

I will urge my younger generation not to believe anything and everything they see on social media. The BJP is spreading a lot of fake news and videos to incite violence.

They have imposed Section 144 in BJP-ruled States. Can they not see the huge mass protests happening across the country against CAA?

We are not meek. We cannot be subdued with the fear of jail or agencies.

Names of Hindus, Muslims, Bengalis, Biharis, Nepalis, people from UP have been excluded in the NRC. So this is not a religious issue.

This is a struggle for identity. Forget your political affiliation. Forget your religious identity. No matter which part of India you reside in, come join the protests. Hit the streets