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December 20, 2019

Don’t be stubborn: Didi to PM

Don’t be stubborn: Didi to PM

Mamata Banerjee held a meeting with various party functionaries today at Trinamool Bhavan. At the end of the meeting, she announced further course of action to step up the anti-CAA-NRC protests. She also appealed to the people to participate in the mass protests in a peaceful, democratic manner.

Highlights of her speech:

BJP is spreading a fake video about me. I have been consistently protesting on the issue of ‘No ID card, No vote’. During Left rule, rigging elections was a rampant practice. In 1993, 13 activists were killed in police firing, for protesting on this issue.

BJP is preparing fake videos to misguide people. Do not pay heed to rumours. Protest peacefully, using democratic means.

Five youths belonging to a different community were made to wear topis and throw stones at trains. The BJP is spreading these videos to incite tension. Local people caught them. Police are taking action.

We are against bandhs, road and rail blockades. We have been consistent on this stand since 2009. We must protest democratically. Public life must not be hampered.

We saw what happened in Bengaluru. Youths, students, intellectuals are under attack. This is shameful.

I request the Government of India to give up their stubborn attitude and concede to the democratic protest. Withdraw CAA-NRC.

Sometimes in a democracy, one must bow their heads before a mass protest. The country is burning; the PM must take steps to restore normalcy.