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December 16, 2019

Bangla CM to inaugurate Kolkata Christmas Festival today

Bangla CM to inaugurate Kolkata Christmas Festival today

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be inaugurating the Kolkata Christmas Festival today at Allen Park in Park Street. The festival will continue till 30 December.

The annual programme managed by the state tourism department, will be celebrating its 9th edition this year. It has over the years become a spectacular success, with crowds, stalls, a variety of food and programmes, almost doubling each year.

Like every year, the streets will be illuminated with magnificent Christmas lights while the spectators will be treated to some outstanding live performances from various artists, carol singers, bands and choirs from parishes across the city.

Apart from music, Park Street will be lined with food stalls which will sell everything from the city’s signature Christmas (read fruit) cakes, the must-have Anglo-Indian legends — vindaloo, kal-kals, ball (minced meat) curry and yellow coconut rice, the Goan sorpotel, fragrant and piping hot biryani, all alongside the rolls and phuchkas that are city staples.