Lok Sabha

December 10, 2015

Saugata Roy seeks apology from BJP MP

Saugata Roy seeks apology from BJP MP

Madam, all I want to say is that today, in response to what Shri Mallikarjun Kharge had said, Leader of Trinamool Congress in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay also made a submission. We are all pained and anguished by the sort of words used in the Lok Sabha yesterday. I wondered, at what level are we bringing down this Parliament.

Madam, there are Rules in the Parliament – Rules 352, 253, 355 and 356. Rules 355 and 356 refers to when a members is making an allegation, what the Speaker can do from the Chair. The Speaker may even ask the member to cut short his speech. You used your power under Rule 380 to expunge parts of the speech made by the Sri Virendra Singh Bhadohi which contained defamatory statement against two members of this House.

Now, all I said that you were very kind and wise to take that decision. But one part of your statement remains unfulfilled. You said, Vierendra Singh ji, yeh accha nahi hai. Aisa karna nahi chahiye. We appreciate it that you did something to raise the morale of this House. But the last part of your statement was not followed. You said, there is no harm in apologising.

Before, in this House, Sakhshi Maharaj has apologised. The spectacle, in which some members are shouting slogans and ministers are going on with their business, pains me and this touches my head.

Therefore, I plead before you Madam, that please ask the hon’ble member Sri Virendra Singh, member from Bhadohi, let him ask for unqualified apology. Please give a ruling. Let him apologise on your instructions.