Lok Sabha

December 6, 2019

Sajda Ahmed asks a Question on environmental toxins

Sajda Ahmed asks a Question on environmental toxins


Will the Minister of HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Government has taken note that environmental toxins are an issue of serious concern in the country;

(b) if so, the details thereof and the measures taken by the Government to fight against eco-toxicity;

(c) whether the Government proposes to set up Research Centre/Laboratory to find the environmental toxicity among patients and if so, the details thereof; and

(d) the number of people diagnosed with dangerous levels of environmental toxins/heavy metals in their systems in AIIMS, Delhi recently?


Sir, (we are noticing) alarming rate of death and disability due to environmental toxicity. Day by day diseases like cancer, liver problems, kidney failure are increasing even among those who don’t smoke. They are diagnosed with the diseases related to lungs. Certainly this is due to the known agents or toxic chemicals and biological agents from the environment, which includes the food, air and even water. About 92 per cent early deaths is due to the environmental toxicity.

Sir, as an answer to my Question, the country does not have enough infrastructure for treating the ailments caused due to toxicity. Recently only in AIIMS (Delhi) a centre has been set up.

Sir, may I ask the Hon’ble Minister that keeping in mind the alarming situation of environmental pollution, will the government propose to set up at least one of such centre in every State within a year, and till then permit every State Medical College to send the samples to AIIMS (Delhi) to find the level of eco-toxicity among the patients?

Thank you, Sir.