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May 9, 2019

Wave of development in Bankura

Wave of development in Bankura

The Trinamool Congress Government has ensured a wave of development in the district of Bankura. Among other things, water supply, both for drinking and farming, has seen a big improvement.

Highlights of the developmental work:

Health: Bishnupur health district created; 4 multi-super speciality hospitals, 5 fair-price medicine shops, 6 fair price diagnostic centres, 20 SNSUs, 2 SNCUs, 3 CCUs, 3 HDUs; Mother and Child Hub, critical care unit and skills lab at Bankura Sammilani Hospital, modernisation of 13 maternity centres and 11 operation centres in rural hospitals, primary healthcare centres and in Khatra Sub-divisional Hospital

School education: In 7.5 years, 590 schools set up, levels of 59 schools upgraded; 8 model schools, 24 girls’ hostels; education in English medium started in 4 government-sponsored higher secondary schools and in Santhali medium in 19 government-sponsored secondary schools

Scholarships: In 7.5 years, more than 2.29 lakh students under Kanyashree, more than 4.41 lakh students under Sikshashree

Higher education: Bankura University and a campus of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, 3 government degree colleges, 6 ITIs, 2 polytechnic colleges

Kisan Mandi: 9 Kisan Mandis set up

100 Days’ Work: About 7.21 crore man-days created from FY 2013-14 to 2018-19; Lego Gram Panchayat in Kotulpur block awarded for being best gram panchayat in the country in 100 Days’ Work in financial year 2013-14

Housing: About 2 lakh people benefitted from housing schemes, including rural housing

Mission Nirmal Bangla: 100% of ODF target achieved, becoming a Nirmal Zilla

Drinking water: In 7.5 years, 30 drinking water projects; work on a mega drinking water project, which will help more than 8 lakh people in 4 blocks, and 161 solar-powered piped drinking water projects, going on

Industry: 4 industrial parks, 30 MSME clusters (1 Murlu roofing tiles cluster, 6 brass utensils clusters, 1 maduli cluster, 1 leather cluster, 1 fishing bait cluster, 1 dokra cluster, 1 stone sculpture cluster, 2 sal leaf plate clusters, 4 handloom clusters, 12 rural enterprise hubs (upcoming)); terracotta project at CCRD, Panchmura and 2 industrial parks coming up; bank loans worth more than Rs 3,530 crore given to MSMEs

Roads & bridges: More than 3.500km of roads built/repaired/widened; 3 bridges in FY 2018-19

Tourism: 2 eco-tourism projects in Raipur (Sabujdweep) and Susunia, tourism hubs in Biharinath, Joyrambati and Mukutmanipur; work on Bankura Homestay Tourism Project and Bankura-Purulia Tourism Circuit going on

Samajik Suraksha Yojana: About 2.8 lakh unorganised labourers enlisted

Karmatirtha: 8 Karmatirthas have been set up

Sports: 110 multi-gyms, 25 mini indoor stadiums, 8 playing fields, sports academy in Khatra