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May 30, 2019

Mamata Banerjee announces formation of Jai Hind Vahini and Banga Janani Vahini to counter BJP atrocities

Mamata Banerjee announces formation of Jai Hind Vahini and Banga Janani Vahini to counter BJP atrocities

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today met the families in Naihati who are on a dharna. These families had to flee their homes because of the inhuman atrocities and torture by the BJP.

Speaking on the occasion, she said Trinamool Congress will give a proper reply to all the violence being brought on by the BJP, and that her government will bring all the criminals who have committed violence to justice.

She reiterated her stand that she wants everyone to stay together, be they Bengalis or non-Bengalis. It was only a few non-Bengali goons from other States who created trouble here, she said.

She also announced the setting up of Banga Janani Vahinis, comprised of women, and Jai Hind Vahinis, comprised of youths, in every block across Bangla to fight the atrocities of the BJP. They will keep a close watch on all signs of violence and nip them in the bud, and even fight those who commit violence, if necessary.

Highlights of her speech:

I urge women to set up Banga Janani Vahinis in every block and booth area to protect women.

The youths must set up more Jai Hind Vahinis across the State.

Members of these forces will be given uniforms and identity cards. And they will be steeped in the culture of Bangla. They will follow the ideals of Netaji.

These committees will work in coordination. They will give a proper reply to the activities of the RSS.

I have never discriminated between people belonging to different ethnicities or religions. Everyone is equal for me.

There are many Hindi-speaking people here. But a few Hindi-speaking goons of the BJP came from other States and created trouble. The administration was under the Election Commission at that time. You all have tolerated a lot of atrocities.

Those outsider ‘gaddars’ created fear and committed a lot of terror under the leadership of two ‘gaddars’. I hate the BJP with all my heart.

I believe in ‘Saare jahan se achha, Hindustan hamara’.

I will seek a detailed report of the houses and vehicles that have been vandalised. Our government will take action.

Even before the new government at the Centre has been sworn in, atrocities are being committed against people all over the country.

I will never let Bangla become (violent like) Gujarat.

I have come here to give moral support to you. I want the people here to be courageous and stand up against atrocities. Be brave!

They are trying to divide Hindus and Muslims. I appeal to all Hindus and Muslims to return to their homes.

I repeat – I will never let Bengalis and non-Bengalis be turned on each other.

Several of these families had come to meet me at Nabanna. I will never let rioters terrorise people.

Modi Babu, please run the government. But if you think that you will impose President’s Rule here by setting up a terror factory, you are mistaken.

I will say ‘Joy Bangla’ and ‘Jai Hind’ over and over again.

I appeal to all of you to say ‘Jai Hind’ when you meet people. Let people be happy with their own cultures. Cultures should not be imposed on people.

When I had come to power in 2011, I had said, ‘Bodla noy bodol chai’ (we want change, not revenge). I had ordered the playing of Rabindrasangeet.

Criminals are criminals. Criminals have no political colour. Action has to be taken against them.

We do not support violence. They have killed 30 of our workers. I will take action.

Why forty, even if you buy one hundred of our MLAs, you won’t be able to break me.

By June 14, I vow to remove all ‘kachra’ from Kanchrapara. I am asking all district leaders to send me details about the violence here

I will come to Barrackpore, Kanchrapara, Jagaddal and Naihati every now and then to take stock.

I love those non-Bengalis who have made Bangla their home. Come forward to fight these criminals who are committing atrocities. Don’t sell your self-respect to the BJP.

Our struggle will continue. I will come here gain on June 14 to address a meeting.

Stay calm, stay in control. Rise up to the challenge of violence. Jai Hind.