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May 12, 2019

Modi trying to run parallel govt in Bangla: Mamata Banerjee at Basanti

Modi trying to run parallel govt in Bangla: Mamata Banerjee at Basanti

Trinamool Chairperson addressed a public meeting at Basanti in South 24 Parganas district. It falls under Joynagar Lok Sabha constituency.

She said that Narendra Modi is trying to run a parallel government in Bangla. She said that central forces are coercing voters to cast their votes in favour of BJP in several areas.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Narendra Modi is running a parallel government in Bengal. We are monitoring everything silently. Our silence is not our weakness. You have insulted me a lot. We will pay you back.
  • They are not allowing me to run the government. Law and order is a State subject. They do not have the power to interfere in our matters. Central forces have no right to intimidate or coerce voters. Law will take its own course.
  • Never before have elections been held in such hot weather. In the past, normally campaigning would end by May 6 and polling by May 10. The dates have been decided to favour the BJP
  • Narendra Modi is running a dictatorial regime. Nowhere in the world would you find such an oppressive government
  • The BJP has carried out atrocities on Dalits, minorities. In the name of gau-raksha they carried out lynchings. They have created an atmosphere of terror and violence
  • One minister of Assam has stationed himself in Taj Bengal. He had received Rs 3 crore from Sarada. Why is the CBI not arresting him? He is distributing crores of money in South 24 Parganas to foment trouble and violence
  • Where were they when Aila devastated Sundarbans? Where are they during disasters?
  • I respect the central forces. But some of them are coercing voters to vote for BJP. I heard they opened fire on locals in one booth. The forces have been deployed on the instructions of the husband of the BJP candidate in Malda Dakshin.
  • How can they campaign in favour Modi? Tomorrow when Modi will be ousted from power, where will they hide?
  • The BJP brought goons from Jharkhand to create trouble in Purulia. Goons from Odisha were brought for creating trouble in Dantan
  • CPI(M) is bereft of ideology. The harmads have switched their jerseys and joined the BJP
  • Narendra Modi has looted the country. If they win this time, elections will no longer be held. He will run an oppressive regime like Hitler and Mussolini
  • There is no bigger riot-monger than Narendra Modi. They orchestrated riots in Gujarat and killed people. Atal ji had instructed him to follow raj-dharma and warned him that he will dissolve the Gujarat Government
  • People will not vote for you in lieu of money. Modi has already lost the elections.
  • They have captured all institutions. Even the media is afraid to speak up. Most of them are doing dalali of BJP.
  • I have the courage to speak up against BJP. I am not afraid of them. I have struggled all my life. I am not afraid at all