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May 15, 2019

Vidyasagar College incident was a criminal conspiracy: Mamata Banerjee at Agarpara

Vidyasagar College incident was a criminal conspiracy: Mamata Banerjee at Agarpara

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting at Agarpara today. Showing video clips, she said yesterday’s violence and rampage at Vidyasagar College was a planted criminal conspiracy by the BJP, who brought in ruffians from outside the state.

Highlights of her speech:

Today’s meeting here is at Vidyasagar Ground. Little did I know when this place was fixed that the meeting would come a day after the despicable incident yesterday. They have shown disgrace and disrespect by attacking the college and the statue of such a revered and learned person.

Speaking from this Vidyasagar Ground now, I am saying this. They are not just telling lies to cover up, but the incident was a criminal conspiracy, a planted criminal and communal conspiracy. And Bengal is under attack. Bangla’s culture, tradition and its people are under attack. Those who carry out such acts after bringing in gundas from outside, what can you call them?

They even give money to people for attending their meetings. I have also heard that in Bankura, their workers went to the houses in villages and asked how many voters were there in the family. They handed out Rs 5,000 to each voter to vote for them. Is this a party?

Politics means dedication, sacrifice, serving the people. It is not about transferring and spending money like this party is doing. We do not do things like this, we believe in development and welfare of the people.

They are also bringing people from outside the state for their hooliganism. Gundas from Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand have all come in the city to create trouble. One of them who was arrested yesterday is a criminal brought in from Delhi. He is known for creating trouble before. Several guest houses are occupied by such people. Keep a watch out for them.

They are such bad people, they will hold meetings wherever I hold them. They bring people from outside to fill their rallies and their meeting grounds.

Why am I saying that yesterday’s incident was a preplanned criminal conspiracy? I have a recording on my phone on how they are instructing and encouraging the use of weapons at the rally. I will play it for you….
See, have you heard? Haath mein danda leke…! What sort of means they use to create trouble and get votes?

It is clear that men wearing saffron threw stones at the college campus, climbed the fencing and the gate and damaged the premises inside, including Vidyasagar’s statue.

If they were people from Bangla, they would have known the meaning and significance of Bankim Chandra, they would have known about Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, and they would never have done this. It proves that outsiders came for the rally and created all this trouble.

Not just that, the BJP leaders have RSS members wearing CAPF mufti/fatigues and sitting next to them. These disguised goons are always at hand to help the leaders in creating trouble or coercing voters. The state BJP chief is one of them. There are pictures to prove this.

National song written by Bankim, national anthem written by Rabindranath, and many renowned freedom fighters are from Bangla. Bangla has always shown the way and will continue to do so.

Modi babu had told everyone about achhe din. Where are those achhe din? He has not kept a single promise he made five years ago. Instead he has created problems for the people, misery and unhappiness, leading to suicide among farmers.

The party will lose in all the states. How will they get seats to form government? It will be the opposition that will replace them. Take it from me, Modi is not coming back.

Earlier he used to call himself a chaiwala. Now he has become a chowkidar. But we all know what type of chowkidar he is…

So it is no use wasting your vote for any other party. Vote for Maa Mati Manush whoo will look after development and improvement of the people. Vote for our senior and experienced candidate Saugata da (Saugata Roy).