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May 8, 2019

Religion and politics cannot be mixed up: Mamata Banerjee at Hura

Religion and politics cannot be mixed up: Mamata Banerjee at Hura

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Hura, located in Purulia district, and which is part of the Purulia Lok Sabha constituency.

She said that Trinamool wants the development of Purulia and for that peace has to be ensured. Bangla is the land of unity in diversity and so religion and politics should never be allowed to be mixed up.

Highlights of her speech:

Religion and politics cannot be mixed up. You will pray to Mayanguru and not to Hanuman because that is your culture. You cannot be imposed upon.

I have seen so many prime ministers down the decades, but never seen such a lying prime minister like Narendra Modi., he is not even fit to become a councillor.

Jangalmahal was once the hotbed of Maoist insurgency, when my Adivasi brothers and sisters suffered a lot.

After coming to power, we have done a lot of development covering all sectors. Several more projects are going on. We are constantly thinking of bringing relief for the people here through schools, industrial parks, tourism projects, drinking water projects, schemes for farmers and self-help groups, and other projects. An airport project is also coming up at Chharra in Purulia district.

We have recognised your language and culture through the establishing of various development boards and. Also, Bangla is the only State to have a Scheduled Caste Advisory Council.

Land belonging to many Adivasis in your neighbouring State, Jharkhand have been bought by others with the connivance of the BJP Government there.

The BJP Government at the Centre tried to set up a fight between the Mahatos and Adivasis by promising the former Scheduled Tribe status, and the same for 11 communities in Darjeeling. But the government did nothing for them. On the other hand, I treat everyone equally.

We sent a Chhau dance team to the January 26 Republic Day parade, and the team came first.

We want the development of Purulia. We want to ensure that trouble is not stirred up here.

The BJP wants everyone to follow it and say what it wants everyone to say. But that cannot be allowed because we have to respect the culture of all peoples.

The BJP only knows the power money; it wants to buy your votes. But don’t allow that.

The Centre has not done anything for Purulia. And the prime minister now comes here to ask for votes. The BJP has no shame.

Nobody in the country believes the prime minister any longer, so many lies have been said by him. He is running the country in the name of gau-rakshaks.

They want to grab power through instigating riots and fights. But they don’t know what Mamata Banerjee os made of. I will leave it to the people to deal with them, and they will be dealt with properly.

The BJP only believes in instigating fights between peoples of different regions. But our motto is ‘unity in diversity’.