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May 16, 2019

Election Commission’s decision is unfair, unethical and politically biased: Mamata Banerjee to media

Election Commission’s decision is unfair, unethical and politically biased: Mamata Banerjee to media

Reacting to the orders late this evening of the Election Commission, Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee told the media that the move to curtail campaigning one day early is a Modi and BJP decision. We have been kept in the dark throughout, she said.

What she said:

Amit Shah today held a press conference and threatened EC. Is this the result of that? Bengal is not scared. Bengal was targeted because I am speaking against Modi

Election Commission’s decision is unfair, unethical and politically biased. PM Modi has been given time to finish his two rallies on May 16. Today, he did not have any regret for what happened at Vidyasagar College.

The EC is getting the election done with central forces. We have recorded all the developments from the beginning

Amit Shah created the trouble yesterday. His rally had elements who attacked Vidyasagar College and his statue. Action should be taken against Amit Shah. Why was Amit Shah not show-caused?

We did not bring anyone from outside. Local people reacted spontaneously. All the recordings are there.

The situation could have been much worse yesterday, they had taken it to such a level. We had to control with much difficulty.

With due respect, I have not said anything against EC. Sudip Jain (central observer) had organised yesterday’s rally. The letter is with us.

Why has EC so much anger against Rajeev Kumar? EC is doing the bidding of BJP. The IPS, IAS officers are under state govt.

I will protest, and if they have any problem, let them show cause me. I will face them for the sake of the people.

Law and order is not that much of problem in Bangla, where has the violence occurred? And how much forces have you sent to other states. You want to create a bad name for Bengal?

I have never seen this type of EC. They are being controlled by Modi and his men. They have not taken a single action against the complaints we have made with them.

BJP goons from all over the country had come for the rally yesterday to create trouble. How much did they spend for the rally? What is the ceiling? Why does the EC not show-cause the BJP for exceeding the limit?

I have just spoken to a former EC chairman. He was perplexed. Said I don’t have any idea. The people of Bengal are very angry, and they will give a fitting reply on 19th

I will have to advance the Mathurapur program tomorrow to 1pm, and the Diamond Harbour one too. A Behala and South Calcutta rally for Friday will have to be done tomorrow.

What wrong did home secretary do? He just said that state police should accompany central forces as they don’t know the lay of the land.

I have cooperated with the EC all along. But what are you doing? You are partial, you are doing the bidding of the ruling party at the centre. But all this will not sway the people.

If the judiciary is under pressure, if the media is bought, if all the constitutional bodies are controlled, then where will the people go?

We have all the records and watch on the EVMs too. We will fight and reach a rightful outcome.

Your vendetta and your acquiescence to the ruling party members including Nirmala Sitaraman who said the CM should be stopped from campaigning. So you are listening to them.

But sorry to say Mr Election Commissioner, all your efforts will be in vain. The people will finally decide. In fact, I am not going to SC over this because I am confident that they will defeat Modi and you as well.

I have never criticised any constitutional body. But today when Bengal and its people and heritage are under attack, I will fight back boldly, I will go to the end to seek justice and give a fitting reply to all this wrong.

We have abided by the MCC. But after that, when things become normal again, the law will take its own course.