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May 1, 2019

Trinamool district presidents are more skilled than Modi:Mamata Banerjee at Andul

Trinamool district presidents are more skilled than Modi:Mamata Banerjee at Andul

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Andul in Howrah district today.

In her speech she said that even block presidents and district presidents in Trinamool are more skilled than Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Even block presidents of Trinamool have better skills than the All India President of BJP, Amit Shah
  • Our district presidents have more skills than Narendra Modi
  • A political party must be well versed with the country’s history, geography and culture
  • Centre has always neglected Bengal. We have always been exploited and treated with misery
  • Someone people refuse to see the development that has happened in Bengal
  • Signboard parties CPI(M) and Congress have sold themselves to the BJP
  • Had we not separated from the Congress, the Left Front Government could not have been defeated
  • We have not forgotten how the tortures carried out by the CPI(M) in Amta, Memari, Satgachia
  • BJP is killing people in Uttar Pradesh. In Gujarat also, people are being persecuted. People are not getting justice
  • They want to orchestrate riots and create divisions within the society. They are trying to incite tension
  • We do not support riots. We want communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims
  • Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are spreading lies, without any homework
  • Have we imposed any taxes on people? Who increased prices on fuel and cooking gas? The Centre did
  • Signboard babu said he will implement NRC in Bengal. Before that they will be ousted from power. BJP is losing
  • The media is being controlled by the BJP. They are trying to sow seeds of hate among Hindus and Muslims at their behest
  • Some people photoshopped the headline of Bartaman newspaper to portray me as a Hindu hater. BJP has become a fake party. They are desperate. Bartaman ran a rejoinder today.
  • These people are manufacturing fake news in the name of news organisations
  • A BJP candidate posted a picture of Bihar and passed it off as an incident in Malda. After he was exposed, he had to delete the image
  • BJP is a feku party. They are going to fail miserably
  • In Assam, they excluded names of 22 lakh Hindu Bengalis in NRC. They want to drive everyone away
  • If you try to implement NRC, Bengal will give you NBC (National Bidaai Certificate)
  • Factories are shutting down. Tanneries are shutting shop in Uttar Pradesh and shifting to Bengal. Law and order situation in UP has worsened
  • They never visit Bengal during flood or drought. Where was BJP when Bengal was passing through misery during 34 years of Left rule?
  • A party of thieves and dacoits is using money power to win elections
  • They are hitting the streets with swords and maces. They take Ram’s name only during elections. They could not even build a Ram Mandir in five years
  • We have constructed skywalk at Dakshineswar, we have renovated Tarapith, Tarakeswar, Bakreswar and other religious sites
  • He is seeking votes now by visiting Ayodhya. People will not give a single vote to him
  • They are offering money to people to attend their rallies. This the money they looted from people
  • In the name of demonetisation, they have looted people’s money
  • They said terrorism will end after demonetisation. Even today an attack happened in Maharashtra
  • They have not been able to establish peace in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand or Maharashtra. We have established peace in Jangalmahal. They are jealous of Bengal, so they are inciting violence in Darjeeling Hills
  • They take away Rs 50,000 crore from Bengal as payment for the instalment of debt incurred by the Left Front Government
  • They collect revenues and send back a portion of it. But they behave as if they are doing a huge favour to us
  • No matter how hard they try, the message has been delivered. Intimidation tactics will not work. Their end is near