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May 12, 2019

National media too scared to say anything against Modi: Mamata Banerjee at Sonarpur

National media too scared to say anything against Modi: Mamata Banerjee at Sonarpur

Trinamool Congress Chairperson addressed a public meeting at Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas district. It falls under the Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency. She said that the national media is too scared to say anything against Modi. She alleged that the Prime Minister was controlling the entire media.

Highlights of her speech:

The BJP has taken control of the media, the executive and they have even tried their hand at the judiciary and the Constitution as well. And all this is jeopardising democracy. If that happens, then what is the future of the country?

There are so many national channels. Have you seen any one of them saying anything against Modi? I have been in politics for many years and seen so many prime ministers. But never one that has controlled the media like this. It has never happened in the history of the country, and I don’t think even Hitler had done this. No media house can say anything against him without facing adverse consequences.

He is the only prime minister to have manipulated all the central agencies and constitutional bodies. And I and the Trinamool are the only ones speaking out against all this.

The atrocities in UP are many; many people have died because of the torment of the BJP. But no media channel has had the courage to show all this. In Rajasthan too, our people from Murshidabad and Malda have been killed and burnt alive.

Several national media have approached me for interviews. I told them if you don’t have the courage to write what is happening, then go and write whatever you want. But journalists are not to blame. The owners have to run the business. They are threatened that if any news is published or shown against the Modi govt, then a CBI or IT raid will be conducted on them.

The nature of democracy has changed because of this party and its leadership. They are changing everything, removing everything – from the vice-chancellor of Nalanda University to the names of historic places. I am very worried and the people are scared. If these leaders continue, then the whole nature of our motherland will change.

Their policies are dangerous and harmful. From notebandi to taxation, the way they have implemented has harmed and caused misery. They are also imposing the way we eat or what we wear.

The party and its leadership is doing harm in many ways, causing divisions on many fronts, be it religion or caste or even origin.

We have done a lot of good development work in Bangla. But they come once in five years and say nothing is done. They don’t do any homework before speaking here.

He says pujas are not allowed to be conducted in the state. Tell me, is this true? Then why does he say all this? Not at meetings alone, even on social media platforms he is spreading false and fake news.

On last July 21, I had given the call to say oust Modi. Since then he has used all the machinery to create trouble for the state. Now, he is using central forces to get votes cast in his favour. The central forces must follow what the EC has told them, not influence voters like they are doing now. Law and order has to be maintained by the state police.

All vehicles must be checked. But will they have the courage to check Modi’s vehicle? Everything is being controlled by him. Let him try to do anything against me. I am not afraid.

CPM will not get a single seat in Bangla. So don’t waste your vote in favour of the CPM, for that will strengthen the BJP. Voting for the CPM will mean voting for BJP.