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May 6, 2019

‘Expiry PM’ politicising cyclone relief: Mamata Banerjee at Gopiballabhpur

‘Expiry PM’ politicising cyclone relief: Mamata Banerjee at Gopiballabhpur

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Gopiballabhpur in Jhargram constituency. She said that the ‘Expiry Prime Minister’ was indulging in petty politics on the cyclone relief issue.

She said that her government would not hold a meeting with Narendra Modi because she considers him an ‘Expiry PM’. She said she will discuss all issues with the new PM after May 23.

Highlights of her speech:

The recent cyclone had a potential to cause great damage. I stationed myself at Kharagpur as the path of the cyclone was supposed to pass through Gopiballabhpur, Jhargram, Nadia and then to Bangladesh. I oversaw the disaster preparedness of all concerned departments and encouraged the people to stay safe.

I come to these areas five or six times a year to see the progress of our development programmes. During the panchayat election, BJP had spread false information and misled the people in order to win seats. But after winning they have done nothing. They are unable to do any work for the people.

Whenever required, I go to the interior areas to see the damage done by natural calamities. But what does the ‘expiry prime minister’ do? When he had called earlier, I was not in Kolkata. I was in Kharagpur and could not speak to him.

And then he writes from Delhi yesterday – he was supposed to address a rally at Jhargram earlier. Instead, he comes today, lands at Kalaikunda and wants to hold a meeting on cyclone damage. But why should we attend? He is coming for campaigning and he wants to hold an official meeting, and then say that he had called but the state did not respond. Please be informed that during election, I will not share any platform with him. I do not consider him prime minister now. When the new prime minister comes, we will speak with that person.

And this person says Didi only does politics. Let me tell him, what we do, he does not even do anything compared to that. And you say you have given a lot to Bangla. In the last five years, how many times has he come to Junglemahal? How many times has he made enquiries? He has not provided any assistance for you people.

He flies in from Delhi just once and does not understand the troubles and problems of the people. It is because of him that these elections have become so prolonged, through this heat and discomfort. What does he understand of the problems of the people?

Jharkhand govt has taken away land rights from Adivasis. We have done he opposite – we have given them land rights and opportunities. We have made Jhargram a separate district, a separate police administration – all for the benefit of the people.

This is not a panchayat election, you cannot win votes by giving money. 2. This is central election, what have you done in the last five years. We have done so many schemes for the poor. So many colleges and schools have come in this region. You have done nothing.

The promises have not been kept. Where is the Rs 15 lakhs in everyone’s account he had said. Where are the achhe din you had promised? Instead fuel prices, cost of gas and all forms of misery you have imposed on the people.

You were a chaiwala, who didn’t know what condition his wife or mother was in. Now he has become a chowkidar, and what sort of chowkidar is he? (crowd responds with chor, chor hai).

The previous phases he has lost – he can’t manage Delhi and he wants to manage Bangla. He is a fascist leader, we don’t want such a person, we don’t want the BJP. We want peace, we want development.

There may have been some people who misled beneficiaries about our government schemes. That will not happen any more. Proper awareness about the schemes will be spread so that the right persons benefit.

This district had many legendary persons who showed the country its freedom struggle, and the people now will continue to do so. So please vote for Trinamool and candidate Birbaha Soren from Jhargram.