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January 19, 2019

United India Rally: Mamata Banerjee gives a clarion call to remove BJP from power at Centre

United India Rally: Mamata Banerjee gives a clarion call to remove BJP from power at Centre

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today gave a clarion call to remove BJP from power at Centre during the historic ‘United India Rally’ at Brigade Parade Grounds.

Leaders of several Opposition parties were present today at today’s rally. Every leader spoke of the tough times the country is passing through, and the need to remove BJP from power at Centre.

Highlights of Mamata Banerjee’s speech:

  • Around 24 political parties are present today at this historic ‘United India Rally’.
  • Modi’s expiry date (like medicines) is coming soon. A new dawn is coming. We have taken the pledge to work together.
  • Bangla’s land is a holy land. It is the land of freedom struggle as well as the renaissance. Bangla has shown way to the country during the freedom struggle as well as during the cultural reawakening.
  • Some people are trying to destroy the country. As Arvind Kejriwal said, what Pakistan could not do in 70 years, the Government at Centre managed to do in just five years. They have managed to drive a wedge between communities. They have destroyed all the institutions. They have started politics of hate. They have destroyed the country’s economy.
  • Banks are in danger, the market is in danger, prices of goods are skyrocketing and BJP is smiling.
  • While India is suffering, the BJP is busy staging riots. There is a slump in the economy and democracy, while BJP is bossing around.
  • They are fighting elections with looted money. They have looted the people during demonetisation and by hastily imposing GST. Now they are telling that everybody else is corrupted. He claims only he is honest and the rest are dishonest.
  • Jan Dhan, NPA, Rafale, insurance are big scams. There are other big scams as well. Those who are dishonest are preaching about integrity. They are talking about honesty?
  • How much money did they have five years ago and how did their wealth increase? I don’t want to make personal comments but they initiated it. I believe in politics of courtesy ut they do not care about it. They crossed the Lakxman Rekha. They tried to implicate Sonia ji, Lalu ji, Akhilesh, Mayawati ji and even me. Why will they expect to be spared?
  • If you are with them, you are labelled as honest or else you are a bunch of thieves! They are trying to scare us. This is what happens to people who know that the end is near.
  • While the State Government is paying the money for farmers’ crop insurance, the BJP is promoting itself. They are claiming that they are doing everything. If that is true, what is the need of the State Government then?
  • According to the Constitution, the State Government is also elected by people, just like the Central Government. Now they are not even going by the Constitution. They are changing the history, the geography, the Constitution and even democracy. When everything is changing, why will the BJP Government not change?
  • The BJP is trying to buy MLAs of the Karnataka Assembly. Government is elected by the common people. They do not even help the common people.
  • They promised to provide jobs to two crore people. On the other hand, two crore people have lost their jobs in 2018. They have only lied to the people.
  • They are killing people in the name of NRC. They are oppressing people. They are doing whatever they want. This cannot continue anymore. At times, people have to take a stand.
  • Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman celebrated the Vijay Utsav of creation of Bangladesh at this venue. This is where Pandit Nehru, Atal Ji and the Left parties organised rallies. We have organised this rally to provide justice to the people of the country. This gathbandhan will create a new history for the nation.
  • Today, everybody should stand united because the nation demands it. Region is not important, the nation is, and this should be borne in mind. Collective leadership is very essential.
  • People are asking who will be the leader. There is no dearth of leaders here. Their party is leaderless, so there is just one Prime Minister. In our gathbandhan, we all are leaders, we all are workers, we all are the subjects and we all are the kings. This is democracy. We will later finalise who will be the Prime Minister. The time has not yet come.
  • Our meetings start from today. Whether it is Chandrababu Naidu or Kejriwal or Farooq Abdullah Ji, we will go for meetings whenever they call us.
  • Even as we are addressing a meeting here, the Centre has called all the agencies in Delhi for a meeting. They will decide now how to counter us. They can do whatever they feel like. We have respect for the CBI. BJP has been instrumental in downgrading them. Not all officers are bad. There are good people and bad people and goodie goodie people in every place.
  • They have discredited the CBI, RBI and the ED. They have destroyed the banks. Now, if you vote for the BJP, your savings in the banks may not be returned to you.
  • They are even doing politics with the BSF and the CRPF. They are lynching people.
  • One of our poets went to a programme in Assam. He was assaulted by the BJP activists for four hours. This does not happen in Bangla.
  • One of their main agenda is to come and provoke riots in Bangla. We will not allow them to incite riots in Bangla in the name of Rath Yatra. This is my promise to the people. We will fulfil that promise.
  • Wherever we organise rallies, they want to organise a meeting there after a few days. I want to tell them, even if you organise meetings 365 days a year, you will not win even the two seats you have in this State.
  • BJP will not win in Bangla or Bihar. Mayawati Ji and Akhilesh have come together in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP will not win there. National Conference will perform well in Jammu & Kashmir. AAP will win in Delhi. I will request Hardik and Jignesh to work with conviction and courage in Gujarat. BJP will not fare well in north-eastern States. We have to prepare mentally to defeat the BJP. They do not consult anyone, they do not believe in democracy.
  • Enough of Achhe Din, it is time to bid goodbye to BJP. It is time for change at Centre. For the sake of youths, farmers, labourers, and people of the country, we have to defeat the BJP.
  • It is not important who will become the Prime Minister. We want the BJP to go. After that we will decide who will become the PM. We have to build a strong government.
  • I want to ask the BJP, have you given respect to any leader? What about Shatrughan Sinha? Jaswant Singh? Arun Shourie? Rajnath Singh? Nitin Gadkari? Elections are approaching, so you are talking of collective leadership. After elections, you will forget about it and throw away other leaders.
  • We are against divisive politics. We are against hate. We do not want bloodlust. We are against discrimination. We want constructive politics, not destructive agenda.
  • Hindu stands for sacrifice, Muslims represent integrity. Christians stand for love and Sikhs represent validaan. This is our country. A person who can work for all, without discrimination, will be the leader of the nation.
  • BJP is leading the country towards a disaster. More than 2 crore people have lost their jobs. In Bangla we have reduced unemployment by 40%. They are promising to double farmers’ income by 2022. We have already tripled it in Bangla.
  • We are not alone. All the parties here today, 23 parties, will work together to defeat the BJP and work for development. There are 2-4 parties more who will not support the BJP. We hope they will work for the country.
  • Let them fight us politically. If they cannot deliver, they should give up their power. People of India have rejected them.
  • We will organise another rally at Brigade, after a new government is formed, and BJP is defeated. I request all the leaders present today to come back after winning the elections. A change is imminent. No one can stop that.
  • They are terrorising the media. They have destroyed jobs. This is the second struggle for independence. I have seen many leaders but never seen a more fascist government. He is like Hitler. People do not have any rights.
  • We have to fight. BJP hatao, desh bachao. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.