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January 10, 2019

New attraction: Archaeological museum on Sagar Island

New attraction: Archaeological museum on Sagar Island

An innovative Mythological Museum has been set up on Sagar Island, at the site where the famous Gangasagar Mela is held. This is the government’s latest gift to the countless pilgrims and tourists who visit the fair every winter. This year the fair scheduled to be held in February.

It has cost Rs 72 lakh to construct the museum – Rs 45 lakh for the museum itself and Rs 27 lakh for the fencing. The museum is located at the mid-point between the sea cost where the devotees take the dip and the Kapil Muni Temple, which they visit after the holy bath.

There is a big statue of Lord Shiva at the entrance. There is a fountain inside the premises. Inside the museum, there are artefacts related to the puranic stories centred on Gangasagar.

This museum would ensure that people visit Sagar Island all through the year, and thus make it a much more popular tourist spot.

Source: Khabar 365 Din