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January 31, 2019

State Govt to come up with directory of little magazines

State Govt to come up with directory of little magazines

The Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi (PBA), which comes under the aegis of the State Information & Cultural Affairs Department, will soon publish a directory of the little magazines being published in Bangla so that the government can provide assistance to them in times of need.

The aim is to release the directory on February 21, which is observed as Bhasha Divas, or International Mother Language Day, throughput the world, and which has its origin in the Language Movement of the 1950s in Bangladesh, started in favour of making Bengali the national language of the country.

The academy is presently collecting names and addresses of the little magazines spanning across the State. The matter of inviting details of the little magazines has been published in various newspapers and the response has been quite good.

The State, and particularly Kolkata, has a thriving tradition of little magazines – comparatively cheap but quality magazines concentrating on stories, poems and articles – which are mostly published in Bengali. Many famous literary personalities writing in Bengali have come up the ranks of little magazines.

Source: Millennium Post

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