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January 19, 2019

Sea of humanity at United India Rally

Sea of humanity at United India Rally

The historic Brigade Parade Grounds witnessed a historic rally where leaders of major Opposition parties of the country were present. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Arunachal to Gujarat – leaders came from every corner of the country.

Every leader gave a clarion call to oust the BJP from power at Centre in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. For Mamata Banerjee’s speech on the occasion, click here.

Highlights of the speeches of national leaders:

Hardik Patel – Subhas Chandra Bose gave the clarion call – Give me blood , I shall give you freedom. We have to fight against the thieves. The people of this country will fight unitedly to drive out the goons of the country.

Jignesh Mevani – The country is going through a disaster. Our Constitution and democracy are under attack. In the last four and a half years farmers, labourers, tribals, minorities, the middle class- all are being oppressed. It is of utmost importance to put an end to the BJP and the RSS in the 2019 election.

Hemant Soren – The manner in which so many regional parties have assembled here today proves that we are with the people, and we have their trust too, and hence we will together be able to defeat the communal forces in the country.

Gegong Apang – We all believe in the Federal Front. State governments elected democratically are being oppressed. The leaders at the centre are playing divisive politics. The Citizen Amendment Bill is one of the example.

Pu Lalduhawma – The Citizen Amendment Bill has set ablaze the North Eastern States. This Bill is being used to cut off the North East from the country. I want to warn the Prime Minister, if this Bill is implemented there will be no peace left in this country.

Yashwant Sinha – This is not about a single person but a thought process. There is not a single agency in the country that has not been tampered with and has destroyed. That is the reason we are all here united to save the republic.

Arun Shourie – It is very important to get rid of the Government at the Centre because no other government in the past have spreads so much lies. No other Government had tried to to destroy agencies like the CBI, the Reserve Bank of India, the Election Commission, the judiciary and the Parliament.

Sharad Yadav – The country is in distress. Farmers are worst sufferers. People of the country have lost hope. Businessmen have suffered because of GST. The country has suffered a setback because of demonetisation. The country is going through an undeclared emergency. We have to bring back freedom.

Jayant Chaudhury – What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. I Thank Didi because, what she did today, is very difficult. If you have to bring Acche Din, you will have to get rid of Modi. The people of Uttar Pradesh will work hand in hand with the people of Bengal to drive out the BJP from the country.

Satish Mishra: All over the country, there is only one cry – the NDA cannot be tolerated any longer. This Central Government has to be ousted as soon as possible. To save the Constitution, the BJP-led government must must be thrown out of power.

HD Kumaraswamy: Today we are witnessing a system where our democratic government is headed by undemocratic, anti-constitutional leaders at the Centre who do not respect or respond to the people’s aspirations. It is really unfortunate that the Union government has turned blind and deaf to the plight of the common man.

Farooq Abdullah – The country attained freedom because of the selfless sacrifice of people from all religion, speaking all languages. And after 70 years of independence, people are being divided in the name of religion. Divisions are being created between Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Bengalis and others. Assam is on fire. There are troubles in Manipur, Nagaland and other places. We have to make sacrifices to save this country.

Arvind Kejriwal – Today marks an important day in the political history of India. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has have destroyed this country. People of the country are tired of these too. Youth do not have job. 1.25 crore people have lost their job because of demonetization.

Farmers have committed suicide. We need to drive this duo out of this country. BJP has a dangerous plan. They want to destroy the democracy. 2019 will be an election to drive out Modi and Amit Shah. I am sure that Modi and Amit Shah will be driven out and good times will return.

Chandrababu Naidu: We all have one aim: Save the country, save democracy. Whereas we want to keep the country united, they want to break it up into pieces.
Five years ago the BJP came to power and from that time on, they have only been giving speeches. This is because there is a prime minister who believes only in publicity, and not doing any work. We want a prime minister who would work for the poor, for all classes of people. That’s why we have all assembled here today.

MK Stalin: Even a few months back, Modi ji used to say that I don’t have any opposition, and now, speaking cuss words in exasperation in speeches. Seeing all of us getting together, he has realised that defeat is inevitable. Before coming to power, he had made a lot of promises, but now bringing disaster after disaster for the people.

Akhilesh Yadav: Who will become the next prime minister? I will say, whoever the people will decide to be. This has happened before and will happen again. The BJP has allied with many – with the CBI, the ED. However we have allied with the people of the country. And always, in a democracy, whatever the people decide ultimately happens.

Dr AM Singhvi: The cloud of misrule is over; a rainbow coalition is forming. By whatever name you call it, the time has come to form a coalition. The Modi Government no longer listens to the people. We have to come together to prevent the division of votes.

Mallikarjun Kharge: The upcoming Lok Sabha election is not just any other election. It is a fight to save democracy in our country, and to save the rule of the Constitution, from the forces which are out to destroy them.

Sharad Pawar: We will all work together. The BJP leaders are saying that this coalition will not hold, that it will break down on the issue of prime minister. Let me tell you all, we the leaders have not come here to decide who will become the prime minister but to save the common people and the farmers, to decide on how to re-employ the unemployed, to protect the women, the Dalits and the minorities.

HD Deve Gowda: After the formation of the coalition government at the Centre, out first job would be to decide how to do good work. The people want a new government, one that will protect the democratic rights of the people and the impartiality of the constitutional bodies. We need the coalition government to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from power and create a strong nation.

Shatrughan Sinha: Such a big public meeting is rarely seen elsewhere, something that Bangla has proudly accomplished. If you refrain from telling the truth, then the people will say, “Chowkidar chor hain” (The guard himself is a thief). You have not done anything worth being called “Made in India” and as long as you don’t do any such thing, the people will continue to taunt with “Made in China.”

Tejaswi Yadav: If you unite with them, you will become Raja Harishchandra but if you oppose them, they will put the CBI and the ED up against you. They are punishing my father by imprisoning him. But we will not bow down to any pressure. We want to save the country.