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January 10, 2019

Bangla is withdrawing from Ayushman Bharat scheme: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla is withdrawing from Ayushman Bharat scheme: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today came down heavily on the Centre for misleading people regarding the crop insurance scheme. Addressing a public meeting at Krishnanagar in Nadia district, she announced that the State will withdraw from the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

“The State pays the premium of crop insurance. We pay 80 per cent of the funds. This is despite the Centre taking away all our taxes in the name of debt servicing. And they (the Centre) are sending letters to every household with the PM’s photo claiming they have done it. This is shameful politics,” she said

She added, “Does the Centre take my permission for defence deals like Rafale? Do they take our permission before appointing CISF personnel? No. They even interfere in our law and order.”

She lashed out at the Centre: “They are not giving us alms out of pity. They are taking taxes from the States and giving back a certain percentage. They impose various cess and also get revenue from customs duty, which States don’t receive.”

She accused the BJP of destroying institutions and misusing agencies. They are promoting BJP at government expense, she added.

“They promised to bring back black money. Rs 15 lakh was supposed to be deposited in bank accounts. Did that happen? They are altering history, changing names. They are doing whatever they want. Let them send CBI. Mamata Banerjee is not scared,” the CM added.

She accused the Centre of cheating people in the name of reservation. Mamata Banerjee said, “When I brought reservations for minorities, I included them in OBCs, because there is a cap of 50% on reservation. They have increased the reservation to 60% now.

As it is there are no jobs. Two crore jobs were lost in a year. And now this ceiling. How will the sons and daughters of farmers, workers, labourers get jobs? Why would a person earning Rs 60,000 per month want reservation?”