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January 4, 2019

Bangla Govt to boost urban forestry to combat pollution

Bangla Govt to boost urban forestry to combat pollution

The State Forest Department has taken a decision to create mini-forests in cities and towns across the State. The department is coordinating with municipalities to identify unused open spaces within their jurisdictions.

Green spaces in urban areas are on the decline, and not just in Bangla. With population and pollution, both vehicular and otherwise, on the rise, greenery is of the utmost need as trees and plants function as lungs for the environment, absorbing the carbon dioxide we breathe out and producing oxygen.

Roots of trees also absorb hold the soil together, and this soil absorbs a lot of rainwater during the rainy season; hence, trees are also a protection against flooding.

A meeting of the State’s chief wildlife warden with the district forest officers (DFO) will be held to identify the percentage of area under forest and the type forests that exist across Bangla. Depending on the report containing these data, the detailed plan for the mini-forests to be planted across municipalities will be chalked out.

Source: Ei Samay