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January 2, 2019

Large-scale coffee cultivation in Darjeeling by State Govt

Large-scale coffee cultivation in Darjeeling by State Govt

Coffee is being cultivated in Darjeeling district on a large scale with help from the State Self-Help Group & Self-Employment (SHG&SE) Department. This was mentioned by the SHG&SE Minister on the sidelines of the 3rd India Retail Summit organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Officials of the department said some 220-odd farmers in Mirik have already successfully cultivated coffee on a total area of 2.5 bighas. Officials of both the SHG Department and the Coffee Board have visited the area and appreciated the quality of the coffee grown.

The SHG Department has now decided to further promote the cultivation of coffee in the district. It will buy 5kg of better quality seeds from the Coffee Board and cultivate it from January.

The department, in coordination with the district administration, is also conducting a door-to-door campaign to encourage coffee cultivation in and around the area.

Source: Millennium Post