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January 30, 2019

Mamata Banerjee slams ‘half-educated’ leaders of BJP for insulting Bangla

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today slammed the ‘half-educated’ leaders of BJP for insulting Bangla and Bengali culture. She was speaking at a public meeting at Rampurhat in Birbhum district.

She said, “Some ill-informed uneducated leaders of Delhi, who have zero knowledge about Bangla and its culture, are saying we have copied Kanyashree scheme. I challenge them. Kanyashree scheme was launched in 2013, and Beti Bachao scheme started in 2015. They cannot even implement the schemes properly.”

We have spent more than Rs 7,000 crore for Kanyashree scheme already. How much have they spent? Rs 3-4 crore per State, a pittance, the CM added.

“Those who had a role in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, are pretending to be saints today. Bangla cannot be intimidated with fear tactics. We do not make false promises. Our actions speak louder than words,” she added.

The Chief Minister commented that the Left destroyed Bangla for 34 years, Congress always neglected the State. And BJP only incites riots, and never does any constructive work.

“In our State we celebrate Durga Pujo, Saraswati Pujo, Eid, Christmas with equal fervour. The less-educated leaders of Delhi must prove their allegations against Bangla or quit politics,” she challenged the BJP.

The CM said the Centre sent IT notices to the clubs which perform Durga Pujo. Can they send the same notices to Ganapati organisers in Mumbai, she demanded to know.

They are indulging in lies. They are spreading falsehoods. They are insulting Bangla’s culture. They are threatening to send Bengali people away. I dare them to do so.

Regarding the personal attacks on her, Mamata Banerjee said, “People of Bengal know me very well. They will give me character certificate. I do not need certificates from a party of goons and cheats. If I paint they say it is corruption. If I write, they say it is corruption. They have no other agenda.”

“I have struggled all my life. Many attempts have been made at my life. I am not afraid. As long as I am alive, I will live with my head held high. I challenge them to show Mamata Banerjee has taken even a single penny for the paintings sold. Our party has already given notice for defamation,” she added.

She said the expiry date of the Central Government has arrived.