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January 4, 2019

New eco-resort and tourism circuit in Gobardhanpur

New eco-resort and tourism circuit in Gobardhanpur

Gobardhanpur at the tip of the Sundarbans in South 24 Parganas district is an island with a pristine 5km beach. With jhau plants flanking the beach and small red crabs scurrying around all over the sand, it makes for an ideal short-stay vacation spot.

To make that into a reality, the State Government has taken up a Rs 5 crore eco-tourism project. In the works are wooden cottages and a food hub.

In fact, those who have gone there will attest to the fact that Gobardhanpur as a beach is no less attractive than the best in the State like Digha, Bakkhali and others; so much so that the local people call it ‘New Bakkhali’. The place is already a popular picnic spot for the locals.

Now the government has taken the next logical step and decided to develop it into an eco-resort on the island. A tourist circuit based in Gobardhanpur has also been planned.

The place is accessible through a riverine route. A bridge has been planned at Kalibangal Ghat in Patharpratima to create a surface transport route to Gobardhanpur.

To attract people during the picnic season, a small three-day festival called Banabithi is being held here every December for the last 14 years. It attracts many people from the surrounding areas.

Source: Aajkaal