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January 10, 2019

Gangasagar Mela – Do’s and Dont’s

Gangasagar Mela – Do’s and Dont’s

The Bangla Government has taken all necessary steps to make the Gangasagar Mela a success for everyone concerned, most of all, for the pilgrims.

The administration has also asked everyone to take certain precautionary measures. Listed below are certain do’s and don’ts.


Follow the instructions of the police and volunteers, and cooperate with them

Be careful regarding the elderly and the children. Everyone should carry some form of identity card so that chances of getting lost are minimized.

Those coming in groups should ensure that the elderly and the children always remain with the group, otherwise there is a possibility of their getting lost in the crowd. In case anyone gets lost, contact the nearest police helpdesk.

Keep a discreet watch on co-passengers on your journeys. If you spot anything amiss, inform the nearest police personnel or volunteer. Do not panic or spread rumours, do not cause stampedes.

If there is heavy rainfall, wait patiently and cooperate with administration officials.


Do not hurry or run unnecessarily, else mishaps can occur. This is also applicable during boarding and de-boarding of vessels. A small mistake can cause a big tragedy.

The barricades and drop-gates are made of bamboo; so do not try to lean heavily on them or cross over them, as they may break.

Please do not light fires at the fairground; this can lead to major mishaps.

Do not keep your things in the charge of unknown persons; they may get stolen.

Do not accept any food or water from unknown persons; this may lead to danger to your health.

Do not go into deep water while bathing

Do not touch any unknown or unclaimed object; if you notice any such thing, inform the police immediately.